De-glazing Belts

A wide variety of high-quality, technical materials is used to produce de-glazing belts. Available as continuous belt or open with hook fastener, with sealing lip and/or perforation 


designed and manufactured to any size or profile required

Base material:

PVC base material

Coat material:

sponge rubber, bicar quality

Bicar green - 220 - 260 kg/m³
Bicar yellow - 240 - 270 kg/m³
Bicar blue - 320 - 380 kg/m³

synthetic foam, full surface or with differnet shapes and sizes of fingers or slits

Polyester HM 35 (medium fine Porous) 35 kg/m³
Polyester HF 31 (fine porous) 29 kg/m³
Polyester HN 30 (coarse porous) 29 kg/m³ 


Black, thickness 2.5 mm